How much does it cost to hire live music?

Live music has the ability to take a party from good – to great! But we get it, it often comes with a hefty price tag – or so it seems!

An amazing party band can cost anything from £700 to £3000 plus - the price is usually reflective of the size of the band.

£700 can get you a great 3 piece band where the musicians double up as vocalists to create the fullest sound possible. But if you want an epic sound with dedicated vocalists, and a brass section – you’ll be looking at a much bigger line up of musicians!

There are many benefits to both ends of the spectrum and you’ll already know which end your budget sits at. So, to save you time we’ve broken this article up into 2 sections.

1.       Band On A Budget

2.       Cash To Splash

Band On A Budget

Already over budget but desperate for some live music to make your event a night to remember?

Here are some top tips and acts to help you decide!

Quality doesn’t always mean quantity…

Sometimes less is more – and with a loop pedal artist you can find yourself enjoying the sounds of a full band with just one musician at the helm.

Loop artist Glen uses vocals, guitar, beat boxing and keys to create an impressive and unique sound that will leave your guests with their jaws on the floor. With prices starting at £425 Newcastle based Glen is a fantastic option to liven up your party without breaking the bank.

LoveLock Duo also make use of a loop station and harmony pedals to create the atmosphere, sound and groove of a full five-piece band. With prices starting from £475, the London based duo are another great choice to get the party started!

Glen - Vocalist & Loop Artist

Size doesn’t always matter…

When musicians double up as vocalists it can mean a 3 piece band can create the same sound as a full 5 piece line up!

Bands such as The Dynamites – a 3 piece indie rock’n’roll band - are a fantastic choice entertain your guests without breaking the bank. All 3 of the artists are not only fantastic instrumentalists but also great vocalists too… meaning their prices start from just £675!

The Dynamites - Indie/Rock Band

More glam, less band…

If you’re in the market for a “WOW factor” act on a smaller budget then choosing an act who perform with professional backing tracks instead of a live band.

The Roxettes – a stunning 3 piece vocal girl group – offer both a full band and a professional backing track option. Meaning you can get their full choreographed performance from £900.

The Vintage Vamps – a 3 piece Gatsby themed act - also offer their choreographed shows with either with a band or with professional backing tracks. Prices start from £1,125.

Booking live music is the BEST part of any event so don’t let the budget scare you! We guarantee it’ll be so worth it when your guests are tearing up the dance floor till dawn!

The Roxettes - Vocal Trio

You can book any of these acts directly through their profiles on The Act Booker – or email us at and we’ll do the leg work for you with our Bespoke Entertainment Service.

Prices may be subject to an additional travel fee if your event is outside of your chosen acts home region.