Welcome to our 2nd Featured Act Blog! This week we're spotlighting our fabulous Secret Singing Staff act!

This super talented team of performers offer a unique & exciting show to surprise your guests (or even the Bride & Groom themselves!), WOW'ing them with their huge voices & personalities!

Secret Singing Staff 

So how does the act work?

Their secret performers will serve your guests during your meal or drinks reception making themselves known to everyone as "waiters" before bursting into song to kickstart your evening entertainment!  

The interactive performance style of these secret singers will have your guests applauding for more, & transform your event into a party atmosphere in a matter of minutes!

Secret Singing Staff 

The Secret Singing Staff have a HUGE repertoire of music - & because of this you can have your say in the style of music you want performed. From pop, opera or soul, to musical theatre, jazz & disco - these guys have literally got something for everyone! And if you're still unsure you can trust their experience & expertise in choosing the perfect songs to surprise your guests with.

Although this act are a firm favourite with weddings, they've performed at corporate events, private parties, & anniversarys making events unforgettable - for all the right reasons!

Show lengths are most commonly 30/40 minutes & performed around the catering schedule.

The act can be booked as a duo or trio with either male or female performers depending on your chosen songs & preferences.

We've left their promotional video here for you to get a better idea of how their exciting performance works LIVE!

The Secret Singing Staff - The Act Booker 

We wanted to find out what it's really like to be "Singing Waiter" so we asked the team a few questions to give us an insight into their performances -

What is your favourite aspect to being a part of The Secret Singing Staff act?

"It’s our favourite show to perform as not only is it the most fun but as a performer you’re really kept on your toes. As we like to make sure there’s an element of realism with this show we do mix in with the venue staff as much as possible so everyone really accepts us as part of the staff. So, you have to adapt to different venues and quickly get to grips with how things run, the layout etc. in case you’re asked a question by an unsuspecting guest.

With the show itself there’s nothing quite like taking a room of people sat eating and delivering a surprise show that gets them all up on their feet having a great time. We completely change the energy and atmosphere  . . . for the better . . . setting them up for a great evening ahead."

Can you tell us your favourite reaction from a Bride & Groom or group of guests?

"With this show the reactions from the guests are just brilliant. They move through such a mix of emotions from start to finish, you really take them on a massive journey in a short space of time and every show is different.

As you look around the room you have those guests that are panicking on behalf of the bride and groom that you may be about to ruin their special day, and others who feel sorry for the poor & very "nervous" member of staff having to stand in front of every one and then those that think it’s hilarious and encourage the waiter/waitress/chef and are excited to see what they can do!

When you start to sing that first song, without fail the reaction is amazing. But what surprises us the most is that even after the first song – whether it be a standing ovation version of Nessun Dorma or crowd raising Big Spender – the guests still think you’re part of the staff at the venue and how you’re wasted clearing dishes.

As the show unfolds most twig that it’s all a set up with a ‘hold on a minute!’ expression – especially if more staff/singers arrive! And even though we make a point of announcing half way through the show that we don’t really work here there’s often one person that still doesn’t quite get it.


What are your favourite songs to perform during the act?

"Our favourites include Nessun Dorma, Big Spender, Mamma Mia, That’s Amore, Nine to Five, Twist & Shout, Mustang Sally, New York New York!"

The Secret Singing Staff - The Act Booker 

So if you're interested in booking this unique & exciting act - then GET IN TOUCH!

Head to their profile using the link below to learn more & book now!


Head to www.theactbooker.com to find the UK's best live entertainment for weddings, parties, &  corporate events. Let one of our expert consultants help you find the  ultimate act to make your event a night to remember!